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If you’ve ever experienced a facial treatment, you’ll understand the feeling of having blackheads and whiteheads extracted from your skin. However, often the process is painful and can leave the skin looking red and inflamed.

The good news is that pre-treated, moisturised skin can help to make the process of extractions far easier and more comfortable. With pre-treated skin, there’s no need for cutting or bleeding which can be the case when the skin is dry. Plus, the skin looks healthier and more even in colour with less grey and yellow tones.

The key to having pre-treated skin before extractions is to ensure it is well moisturised. Using quality products that are specifically designed for your skin type will help to keep it hydrated and soft. A good moisturiser should be applied morning and night, as well as before any facial treatments.

Following a facial, it is important to take care of the skin to ensure it heals properly. Treat the skin gently by avoiding harsh cleansers, exfoliators and products that contain alcohol. Instead, opt for gentle cleansers and soothing products that are designed to help the skin heal and remain hydrated.

Having pre-treated, moisturised skin can make a huge difference when it comes to extractions, making the process far easier and more comfortable. Plus, the complexion looks far healthier and more even in colour with much less grey and yellow tones. So, make sure you look after your skin and keep it hydrated to ensure you get the best results from any facial treatment.

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